4 Day 5 Night Full Slackpacking Hike

Length: 59.5KM

Day one, arrival at Nigramoep guest farm. Shared accommodation. Dinner at main guest area.

Day two. Hiking commences from the main guest area after breakfast. Lunch packs provided at main guest area. The jeep track has a slight incline leading onto a plateau greeted by panoramic vistas of the Schaapriver Canyon. The slow descent on a rocky jeeptrack into Langkloof ravine is surrounded by beautiful flora. Once Langkloof ravine is reached, rock pools and the silent beauty of Namaqua rock fig tree and Kokerboom greet you. Hemmed in by beautiful ochre rock walls, the descent to the canyon is often graced by sightings of klipspringer and booted eagle.

The breathtaking opening of Langkloof ravine into the Schaapriver canyon is a sight to behold. The high canyon walls enfold and mesmerize you whilst hiking to the base camp. Day two ends at base camp.

*Base camp consists of a marquees tent where breakfast and dinner is served at set tables and lunchpacks provided, as well as a charging station for cellphones etc and a coffee and tea station, hot camp showers and toilets. Fire pit under the stars area. Ribstop canvas sleeping tents with stretchers and mattresses.

Day three. Hiking starts at base camp after breakfast with the luring attraction of the canyon’s mystical beauty calling one to explore more of the rock faces, mini amphitheatre, rock pools, plant life, the majestic black eagle and klipspringer. Return back to base camp.

Day four. Hiking starts from basecamp onto an old gravel road between rocky hills adjacent to the canyon. Hiking from there onto old jeep track leading you into Casnou se Kloof ravine. Gradual descent surrounded by rock walls, rock pools, wonderful flora and fauna captivating you with its beauty. Casnou se Kloof exits into the canyon. Hike back to base camp.

Day five. Hiking starts from base camp onto old gravel road ascending at a relatively steep incline with wonderful views of the canyon from the top, turning onto a jeep track graced with beautiful plant life and flowers, descending into Myn se Kloof ravine, another spectacular ravine with rock pools, striking ochre rock walls, fauna and flora. Hiking out of Myn se Kloof into the Schaapriver canyon, back to base camp. Hikers are transported with pipe cars to the spectacular canyon view point. Champagne served to celebrate the hike and then transported back to base camp.

Day six. After breakfast, hikers are transported back to the main guest area at Nigramoep Slowliving Guest Farm.

Nigramoep Slackpacking Base camps in the Schaapriver Canyon

  • Hikers tents, and overnight luggage transported to base camp by the logistical crew.
  • Marquees tents where sit down breakfasts and suppers are served lunch packs packed after breakfast.
  • Hot showers.
  • Chemical toilets.
  • Starry evenings around the camp fires reminiscing on the day’s hike.

Kit & Equipment during the hikes

Kit & Equipment during the daily hikes

  • Ziplock bag for cellphone
  • Hiking poles – rocky terrain
  • Water bottles
  • Container for lunchpack
  • Sunscreen
  • Small medi kit, chronic medication etc
  • Emergency number in ziplock bag
  • Sunhat with mosquito net
  • Cable ties and duct tape, sunglasses

Kit and equipment for overnight camping

  • Tent
  • 1 x medium sized overnight bag for warm sleeping bag plus small fleece blanket, cushion, inflatable mattress, clothes, sox, warm stuff for cold nights, beanie and buff, rain jacket, hat, chronic medication, small medikit, battery pack and charger headlamp plus batteries or charger, long hiking pants or tights for bushes, swimming suit, extra shoes for evenings should your hiking shoes get wet

Notes & Suggestions

There is limited space on vehicles that transport gear into the canyon please adhere to size suggestions of your overnight bag.

* Suzette Louw and Johanna Dirksen van Schalkwyk will be the guides during this hike. This hike is for experienced hikers only. Stamina, Endurance and Fitness are key factors

Interested? Contact Suzette Louw via WhatsApp on 082 687 3852 or via email info@nigramoep.co.za